Bacterial Bio Reactor RE220

  • MBBR Biopacking is a new active biological carrier, It uses a scientific formula. According to the nature of the sewage. Fusion of multiple trace elements in polymer materials, t was modified and constructed by special process. It has the advantages of large surface area, good hydrophilicity, fast membrane, high bioactivity, good treatment effect and long service life.

    - Science Formula, fast hang film, it's easy to breed.
    - Large surface area, Bioattachment, Nitrogen, Phophorous removal.
    - Fluidization, Low energy consumption, Easy to maintain.
    - Flexible drop, High load capacity

    Model mm 5x10
    Specification PCS 8
    Number of holes m2/ m3 >3500
    Effective surface area g/c m3 >0.96
    Weight % >80
    Voidage % 15-60
    Bulk Numbers PCS/ m3  2000000
    Hang film time Days
    Nitirfication Effiency Kg NH4 - N/ m3 -day 0.5-1.5
    BOD5 Oxidation Efficiency Kg BODs/m3 -day 2-15
    CODO Oxidation Efficiency Kg COD/ m3 -day 2-2-
    Temperature adaptation °C 5-40
    Useful life Years >10


    RB-150 0.6kg
    RB-180 1.0kg
    RB-220  1.5kg