Calcium Reactor SM-80

  • SM-80

    The Seatorch Calcium reactor SM80 is designed for aquariums from 1000 to 1300 litres, can be operated internally or externally for any tanks.

    Dimensions: L 350 mm x W 260 mm x H 565 mm.

    With a capacity of 8 litres filling quantity of broken coral.

    Seatorch calcium reactor is made of high quality PVC not acrylic.

    Come with dual mode - energy saving mode or silence mode.

    This powerful reactor has a unique features with our own design gas-water instantaneous mixer, it can maximum gas water mixing rate by 50%.

    With its spiral mixing channel, double sealed sound insulation design, plus all the gas coming from the second chamber, separated to the pump, which make this reactor extremely quite.

    Scope of delivery: Calcium reactor – Aquabee UP 2000 (15 watts) – various hoses – spare screws

    This calcium reactor is designed by aquarists for aquarists!