Coral Lens

  • Seatorch Coral Lens

    Capture the true beauty of your aquarium with the Seatorch Clip-on Lens Kit.

    Clamps directly over almost any smartphone or tablets camera to instantly filter out excess blue light from the photo. This allows you to capture and share stunning images of corals the way they appear in person. Get awesome full tank shots with the included wide angle lens and your favorite filter.

    Kit Includes:

    1x 15,000k Orange Lens

    1x 20,000k Yellow Lens

    1x MACRO Lens for Close up Photos - flexible magnification accessory for smartphones that lets you take closeup photos with incredible detail.

    1x CPL 37mm Polarized Wide lens - The CPL 37mm is Excellent at reducing light reflection and increasing color saturation. It can reduce glare or reflection on highly reflective surfaces.  The lens will prevent over-exposure by reducing the light rate under the normal color reproduction and can help prevent unwanted reflections in your pictures.

    1x Orange Gradient Filter

    1x Yellow Gradient Filter

    1x Portable Hard Flex Storage Box