Bio Reactor RF-110X

  • RF Reactor

    Seatorch RF Series Bio Reactors are engineered to the highest quality and efficiency to promote the growth of Nitrate and Phosphate reducing bacteria. Due to the unique high flow spinning action to provide the highest water quality in a short time. Resulting in an accelerated chemical and biological filtration to quickly remove nitrates, Phosphates.

    Our design allows the ease of maintenance. Whether you want to change, add or mix media, simply unscrew the cap on the top to remove the top cover and it opens up for full access. Reactors are designed to run Bio-pellets of ALL shapes and sizes, GFO, Carbon etc. It comes with diffuser plates and one pieces of foam for GFO and other fine filter media.


    • Hand-crafted from high-quality pvc for use with Bio-Pellets, GFO, or Carbon
    • High quality, Quiet, and Energy Efficient Quiet Sicce Pump for maximized performance
    • Built-In Flow control
    • Easy out of box Setup. No need for any flexible tubes, PVC pipes, ball valves or other fitting that clutter the limited space under the tank
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Small Footprint to fit minimum space




    Dimensions: 125mm x 125mm x 430mm H

    Capacity: 1.5 Litres

    Pump: Sicce Syncra 1.5

    Power Consumption: 23W

    Flow Rate Maximum 1350 l/h

    Recommended for 400 - 800 Litres Aquariums