Seatorch Floating Coral Viewer OM200

  • Seatorch Floating Coral Viewer

    Seatorch Floating Coral Viewer built for commercial grade applications with a level of quality and design unmatched by competitors.  No-roll gear design provides "stand up" storage, preventing lens scratch damage.

    See your corals, Softies, SPS and LPS clearly from the water’s surface.  Coral Viewers allow you to view your corals in their true colours from the surface of the water without any surface agitation.  If your corals look awesome through your glass then try looking at them from the top down through a coral viewer.  They will look even better.

    Perfect for Photographers

    Our ultra-clear lens won't adversely distort or colour photography taken through it.


    -For salt or fresh water environments

    -Commercial grade durability & craftsmanship

    -Superior quality build materials




    Dimensions: 216mm x 216mm x 65mm 


    Dimensions: 266mm x 266mm x 65mm H

    Kit Includes:

    Coral Viewer


    Yellow Filter

    Orange Filter

    Please Note: Many reefers just let the viewer float in their tank, where others will remove it after each use. If you do remove the viewer we highly recommend a quick rinse in RO water to help minimize any potential dried up salt stains.