Tracking & Deliveries

earth pak sends automatic emails alerting you that your package has been delivered based on the updates by the courier. Sometimes your package may be marked as “DELIVERED” prematurely. The following information can be useful to you if you received a delivery email, but did not receive your order.

IMPORTANT: Always double check your mailbox, packages can be small and do not always need to be dropped off at your front door. Make sure to ask your family members or roommates that you live with to see if they picked up your package. If you have a front desk be sure to check in with the desk attendant.

International Orders

All Couriers:

Always allow a couple days from when your package is marked as “Delivered" for it to be ready for pickup. There is often a delay from the time that your parcel is updated as “Delivered” and when you are contacted to pick up your package. Please always be patient and check your mailbox daily!

For helpful information about your parcel always call your local postal service or customs office for an update on delivery.

For further questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at