Polaris Aurora Supplement Light - PA150

  • Seatorch Polaris Aurora PA SERIES Supplement Light

    (Mounting kit sold separately)

    The Seatorch PA SERIES Supplementary Light is designed for better coral growth and colour fluorescence. To show colour that are not visible in the higher range of the visible spectrum.

    For optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, colour and illumination, replacing T5/T8 lighting technology for aquariums.

    We are offering you 5 different sizes of supplement light. 



    PA-150: Length: 1470mm, Height: 27mm, Power Consumption: 72W

    UV 400-405nm

    Purple 410-415nm

    Royal Blue 4565-458nm

    Blue 465-468nm 

    PAH-100 Mount kit

    Upgrade your fixture with the Seatorch PA series supplement light and PAH-100 Mount kit 

    With our PAH-100 Mount kit, you can easily mount your light from the side or mount it at the back. Our advanced universal rotator, you can rotated your supplement light 180 degree, which will increase intensity, PAR, color and pop while improving coverage and illuminating dead spots and shadow areas in your tank.

    Each kit includes two brackets and 2 rotator. Support maximum glass thickness 20mm.